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How to Treat Your Wood Fence

Thai Styled Teak Wood Bannister
If you've decided to have a wood fence installed, then you've made a great decision. Wood fences offer you many benefits. Decide on whether you want to let the fence age naturally, stain it, or paint it. Each option will come with its own considerations you should mull over. Here are some things to think about when determining which route is best!
Allow Your Wood Fence to Age Naturally
If you've ever stopped to admire a fence allowed to age naturally, then you know how charming they can be. Also, the idea of having a wood fence installed and never needing to do any maintenance to it can be tempting.
After time, the fence will start to break, and you'll need to replace boards or be faced with having the entire fence replaced. When you replace boards on a weathered fence, it'll be hard to find ones that match.
If you choose a quality wood, even an unmanaged fence can still last for years. Keep in mind, as the fence ages, you should count on it less for important tasks, such as containing a dog.
Light Cedar can be a good option for a wood fence you plan on allowing to naturally age. This wood option will eventually end up having a grey color to it with a silver sheen.
Consider going with a picket or semi-private fence when you plan on allowing it to naturally age. A solid fence can end up looking sloppy as boards change shape and separate from one another.
 Paint Your Wood Fence
Painting wood fences used to be the more popular choice before so many stain products came onto the market. The paint was used to offer homeowners a way to liven-up what would have otherwise been a plain or uneven looking fence.
Now, painting a fence is something people do when they want to achieve a very specific look, such as a fence that perfectly matches the trim of their house.
Painting your fence allows you to be 100 percent in control of what it looks like, but you need to be prepared to repaint it at least every few years. The constant exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and snow will take its toll on the paint and cause it to crack and peel.
Repainting the fence comes with a lot of preparation, as you'll need to begin the job by removing the current coat, sanding the surface, and finally applying the new paint.
While you can hire someone to paint the fence to get out of doing it yourself, the fact that you'll have to do this so often can eventually become a financial burden.
Stain Your Wood Fence
Stain gives the wood a beautiful sheen and shade of the homeowner's choosing while allowing the natural wood grains to still show through. You can go with a clear stain that shines up the natural wood's look or change the wood's color and shade.
Stains can also help to protect the wood from things like sun and water damage, keeping the fence in good shape longer.
 While a stain also needs to be redone, it doesn't need touch-ups nearly as much as pant will. When a stain needs retouching, it has simply faded, unlike paint that will show significant visual damage.
Preparations for adding a new coat of stain on a wood fence are also easier than for repainting the fence. To re-stain the wood you simply need to clean the surface of the fence, then apply the stain according to the instructions.
Go with Vinyl Fencing
You have another option available to you if you want a fence that looks like wood. A vinyl fence can offer you a wood appearance in the color you want without worrying about maintenance issues.
If you're ready to discuss your fence needs, you can contact us now. We'll be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best fence.