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Wood Fences Offer You Many Benefits

Close Up Shot Of Wood Fence
If you want to have a fence installed around your property, then deciding on the right material is the first decision you need to make. There are many benefits to choosing a wood fence.
If you are considering a wood fence, the information here will be helpful to recognize the great features they offer.
Choose from Many Types of Wood
Once you decide to go with a wood fence, you need to choose the right type of wood for your fence.
  • Redwood. Redwood is one of the more expensive fencing materials, but it is also durable and beautiful with a red hue to it. Redwood is good for damp regions because of its ability to release moisture. You can cut down on the cost by using a lower grade for the panels, but you should stick with a higher grade for the posts which serve as the fence's foundation.
  • Spruce. Spruce is a common choice because it is more affordable than some other types of wood. Spruce is fine in many regions, but it is prone to warping in damp regions. Spruce can also be more inviting to termites, so it should be properly treated to protect against termites and other pests. The naturally light color of spruce makes it easier to paint than many other types of wood.
  • Cedar. Cedar is durable and comes in different colors, such as white, red, and yellow. Cedar doesn't have the warping concerns some other types of wood have and it has the added benefit of containing oils that naturally repel insects. Cedar is also one of the types of wood with less knots. It is also one of the more affordable options, with a price tag that usually falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to wood fencing.
Choosing the right type of wood for your fence is the first step in making sure that you have all the benefits a wood fence can offer.
Use Wood Fences for Different Purposes
Wood fences are versatile and give you choices that fit your needs. One fence can cover many of your household's needs to save you money.
A solid wood fence achieves the highest amount of privacy. For the most privacy, the fence should be tall enough to prevent a person of average height from peeking over it. The height of the fence depends on the level of the ground surrounding the fence.
A tall, solid wood fence gives your home a high amount of security. When people have a hard time seeing through your fence, they'll be less likely to trespass, since they won't know what's on the other side. The fence makes it harder to access your yard.
You can keep your children and dogs safe by having a wood fence installed that's solid or that's semiprivate. A semi-private fence has staggered panels that let in light while preventing kids and dogs from exiting the yard.
Garden protection can be achieved with a lattice fence. This fence has a diamond pattern that allows the garden to still get plenty of sunlight while keeping pets and other animals out of the garden area.
Boundaries can be created in different parts of your yard with the use of a wood and mesh fence. This type of fence can border off areas you want to deliberately separate in an inexpensive way. Since the mesh allows you to see through the fence, you can achieve boundaries without making your property appear smaller in size.
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