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Chain-Link Fencing in the Metro Atlanta Area

All chain link fences installed by West Georgia Fence are covered by applicable manufacturer warranties. Chain ink fences offer economical options for boundary establishments as well as pet and pool enclosure. It is available in galvanized as well as vinyl coated. The vinyl coated is available in several colors. West Georgia Fence uses the highest quality framework, fittings and fabric. Privacy slats are available in a variety of colors such as black, green, and tan for more privacy in chain link fences. 
Galvanized fence systems are available in a wide variety of wire sizes, meshes, and heights. All fabric, posts, rails, and structural components are galvanized for long life. Zinc's natural shielding properties protect the steel to give you a fence that is strong and corrosion resistant.
Aluminum coating has the unique quality of forming its own protective oxide film immediately upon exposure to the atmosphere. This oxide film, which is not water soluble, protects the material from further oxidation. If the film is removed by abrasion, it immediately re-forms and continues to protect the material.
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